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Twirl's 2YR Partnerversary & Birthday Countdown Celebration!

Friday, May 26, 2023 @ 10AM CST

Twirl's 2 Year Partnerversary & Birthday Countdown stream is on Friday, May 26, 2022 @ 10AM - 1AM CST!! Around a 15-ish hour stream!!Twirl is also hosting a subathon in celebration and there are many goals that we can reach that y'all can check out below! There is also a loose schedule at the end of the page, but we'll mostly just go with the flow~ TYSM for your continued support and company!! Let's all have a fun time together!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’–

individual incentives! 
top 4 giftersvip in chat, simple doodle, colored headshot sketch, twirlimail!
subbed/gifteddessert badge/twirlGift on overlay border!
25 giftedsimple doodle request!!
overall incentives! 
every 25bday doodle on overlay border
every 50twirlimail giveaways!! (1 per user, intl shipping OK!)
every 100simple doodle giveaways!! (1 per user!)


subathon goals!! 
βœ” 44 doodle :)
βœ” 44another 4 doodle :)
βœ” 100discord movie nights (june 2023)
βœ” 150chat chooses 1 week pfp (sfw)
200karaoke/singing stream! 🎀
300build a booknook stream(s)!
400twirl finishes pokemon scarlet πŸ˜…
444another 4 doodle & 4-points throw redeems for the rest of stream!!
500dino & twirl co-op game - blanc :D
600chat's choice of 5 dino emotes!!
700scuffed mini song cover!! (like the one on my youtube currently)
800twirl finishes AMNESIA: THE DARK DESCENT 😱
900drunk fortnut games & chat's choice of weapons!!
10004 DIGITS?? TYSM 😭 New monitor time + twirlicozy game streams added to schedule :)
stretch goals πŸŽ‡ 
1250traditional art & twirlimail packing stream!!
1500new emote slot!!! sheeesh
1750twirl finishes BOTW
2000baking stream??
2500elden ring time
more??uhhhh πŸ˜…


schedule (CST) 🎊 
10AM - 12PMStream start! Chatting, game dailies, doodling~
12PM - 2PMLunch and Cake!! πŸŽ‚
2PM - 6PMViewer games?? Word bomb game, DST, drawy, etc
6PM - 8PMBeoli Surprise + Dinner time, more cake? πŸ˜…
8PM - 11PMUHHH wateva πŸ˜‚ drawing, gaming . . . Fortnite? 🍴
12AM - 1AMFinal hours, stream ending!